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Gossamer Wings Music is about the art of the acoustic: the sound of the human voice, of drums, of the string bass, of brass and woodwinds and a good grand piano. About how these sounds interact, the textures that can be created. We worship the well-recorded, non-sequenced, non-processed music. The recordings are done as ‘live’ tracks – practically no overdubs for us. Let the music stand for itself.

Gossamer Wings is our way to issue CDs that reflect thoughtfulness and creativity in the jazz idiom. Our tracks reflect our own compositions as well as choice songs from an eclectic range of composers. The music embraces swing standards but also involves a funkier style at times. Above all, we strive to keep the songs listenable, recognizable yet interesting.

We, i.e. Gossamer Wings, are jazz vocalist Hazel Walker and pianist/vocalist Graham Howes. All of the arrangements and some originals are by Graham Howes.

The musicians you’ll hear are well-known Canadian players, many of whom currently tour in the jazz field or work in the studio and musical theatre fields. The artists who have contributed to our discs include brassmen Guido Basso and John McLeod, string bassist Neil Swainson, Mike Murley and Michael Stuart on saxes, Brian Dickinson on piano as well as Steve Heathcote and Barry Elmes on drums.

We produce our CDs with little anticipation of becoming financially independent, never mind fabulously wealthy – at this point in time, we would be happy just to break even! But, we enjoy what we do and we’ll continue to release products of integrity as time and budget allow.

We hope you’ll take a little time, listen to our music, sit back and enjoy. May we suggest a good glass of red?

About Us